Mick Thomson: 

As the lead guitarist for Metal supergroup "Slipknot", Mick has literally become a guitar God among players and fans alike.  Mick's melodic shredding style is very unique to him and his KGC upgrades have taken it to another level.  We have been working with Mick and his tech, Kevin for some time now - upgrading his signature Ibanez guitars as well as working with him on his new signature Jackson. 

"Rick! I installed the brass block and claw in Mick's main 'A' guitar on the first day of this tour and it has been rock solid. The tone and sustain of the instrument has been noticeable and we are very pleased with the upgrade.  Really enjoy the engraved logo, such a classy touch.  Thank you for reaching out and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Kevin (Mick's Guitar Tech)