The feedback we have been getting on our brass blocks and bridge assemblies is unbelievable!  Here are just a few of our satisfied customers' testimonials:

If you'd like to submit a testimonial, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit one directly at the bottom of this page. 

"Hi Rick,
The block arrived and i immediately installed it. It fit perfectly and sounds like a million bucks. Shines like a piece of jewelry, amazing work.
Steve Stevens (Lead Guitar - Billy Idol)
"Yes, there's all sorts of Killer Guitar Components in my sounds bloody fantastic!"
- Terence Reis (Lead Guitar,Vocals for "The Straits") ...touring throughout 2012
 “Why spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars on the guitar of your dreams, only to take off the tremolo cover and see a cheap, flimsy stamped sheet metal claw, wimpy screws and a slag metal block?  Ironically, these pieces are the fundamental building blocks (the foundation, if you will) of your tone, and the quality, fit & finish of these crucial components has been relegated to a mere afterthought, shamefully overlooked by ALL guitar manufacturers – even with their “custom shop” pieces that cost thousands.  It’s all about COUPLING, and the KGC tremolo block and claw upgrades are without peer.  With their flawless workmanship and art museum beauty, the improvement they deliver in tone, sustain and clarity is off the chart.  Seriously.  I don’t even think of it as an expense, but as an investment that’s worth every penny. I’ve replaced ALL my claws and blocks with KGC products.  For me, it’s the best or nothing…and if you’re serious about your tone, you can’t afford NOT to retrofit your axe with KGC products.  They make a world of difference, and I won’t use anything else in the instruments I rely on professionally.  Period.  Try them and you’ll be a believer, too.”  –  Jimmy “Flyin’” Ryan / The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers
"We buy as much of your amazing products as we can. We definitely want to purchase more of your products ASAP, especially another brass compensated claw for the Stratocaster, as well as the new Tele bridge that you recently released. Currently, we have 3 brass compensated claws, 4 Mega Mass brass trem blocks, and that wonderful chrome-plated brass bridge plate that you made for us in December. Thank you SO MUCH, Rick. You're an awesome and MOST talented man AND an AWESOME friend!"
- Kyle S.
"I want to say that I thought my KRAMER deluxe one was the best guitar I have ever owned or played, but since Replacing the tremolo block with KILLER GUITAR COMPONENTS brass block I was so impressed with the sound of the guitar un-amplified I continued to play Unplugged for an hour! and when I plugged in WOW ! I was blown away by the difference it makes My guitar sounds 10 times better and now all of my stage guitars will be upgraded! If you havn't done this to your guitar ,you are missing something and you just don't know it yet ! Let KGC transform your sound NOW! "
- SCOTT A. MARTIN guitarist for THE GODZ


Hey Rick, My parts have arrived and I've put them on, top shelf in every way, Great stuff.
Thanks for that and all the best,
- Jarrad



"Just received my brass sustain block for my new Gotoh Wilkinson trem and what a thing of beauty it is! This sucker must weigh twice the original block. When I got the Wilkinson I was actually surprised what a substantial piece the sustain block is, but now I can see that your block is even more so. The machining is exquisite and obviously took a great deal of time to get right. 

I've been using FU Tone's stuff for quite a few years now and am familiar with the change this kind of block can make on both Strat and Floyd trem units. I'm assembling a silver Strat right now from parts to get the neck and pickup combo I'd like, so this really clinches the setup. Very excited to hear it in action and a thousand thanks for getting it out so quickly to me. 

BTW, I'm from Exeter, NH originally so it's great to get a super cool bit from Gloucestah!

Thanks a million!"

- Chip



"Well all I can say is...WOW what a difference! I put the block in a Epiphone Les Paul with a new Real Floyd Rose trem with some Seymour Duncan pickups. Man does it rock! Well worth the wait! Tons more response and tone galore. Thanks again"

- Mike H.


"I installed the bridge plate and monster block recently... Wow what a MONSTER!! Thanks again Rick!"

- Brad


"Hi Rick,

I got your trem plate yesterday and am impressed. It's a beautiful piece of work and something that I'll likely be using daily for decades - thanks!"

- Erik G.

I hope all is well. Got the block yesterday and had it installed right away. Wow! It made my strat sounding like piano :)  I was expecting more sustain but not as much warmth and articulation improvement out of it. It was a great sounding strat before but a bit thin with a maple neck...this made it sing and rounded the things up!
Thank you very much and appreciate your help. Best,
- G


"Purchased your Mega Mass block for my Strat.  Hands down the BEST upgrade for my guitar.  Went from liking my Strat to LOVING it!  Simply stated, this was the single most amazing improvement to the tone of my guitar.  Notes are much more distinct and separated.  Extreme clarity.  Much warmer.  My bridge tone went from harsh, brittle and shrill to one of my favorite warm, growly, blues tones.  Simply stated, I cannot recommend your products enough."

- Mark D.


"My Brass Block and Bridge Plate arrived today.  After an easy installation I plugged my guitar in and hear a noticeable improvement.
With a fatter warmer bottom and crisp mids and highs the guitar sonically has a much broader range.  It has a more dynamic pick attack and way more sustain.
I believe that my Brass Block was an equal improvement to my tone as my custom shop pickups.
Thank you for your excellent customer service and amazing detailed work."


"I recently got my brass block, vintage springs and claw for my usa kinman loaded strat
 ...Holy Crap!!, I nor my fellow workers(i work in a guitar shop) could believe the difference. 
The comparison we thought of was like going from a mexican strat to a custom shop. 
Its incredible...thank you!
 You will definately hear from me when I'm working on my next guitar...cheers!"
- Cameron

"Hi Rick,

I received the sustain's awesome!!!!
I can say that not only the sound is improved a lot but also the tuning. 
The sustain now its incredible.
I made some comparative clips directly in to Logic without Amp and I analyzed the spectrum...especially in the mid and high area now I have more db (a sort of natural compression). The bass frequency are more controlled and balanced. The change of the tone made possible to hear better the variations from one pickup to another. The attack of the notes its more close to a vintage instrument (the guitar is an Hamer Centaura) than a classic guitar from the 80's with the floyd."

"I just got my guitar back yesterday and it's playing and sounding more amazing than ever. It is absolutely baffling just how much of a difference your hardware makes..."

- Alfie (Analog War Cry)
"I'm not sure whether to describe my initial reaction as proud or orgasmic ... probably a bit of both, in reverse order ...You weren't kidding -- my new baby is a good 'old chunk of brass!  Install was a breeze and the difference in tone is nothing short of remarkable...Thanks again for what is probably the best upgrade to my Strat ... ever."


"I received the KGC brass block a couple days ago, installed it...(drum roll here)... and I just couldn't believe that I have "finally" found my dream strat sound!!! bluesy-glassy-bright tone but with enhanced sustain an resonance.
I was really surprised that with just this simple upgrade it changes the sound characteristic of my strat drastically.
Not only this brass improved the sound of my strat but also improved her look too! that shiny polished part of the block really added some bling to my guitar :)
In the near future when I purchase another strat I will definitely return and purchase another one of this magic block of yours.
So, I thank you KGC for dedicating yourselves in creating this amazing brass block...helped me to I finally find the strat sound I am looking for - money really well spent!
Many thanks from now-your-biggest-fan,"
- Marcello.
"P.S I just want to let you know that I normally admiring my strat from her front side only, but's her backside I admire the most :) "

"Hey Rick!!

I am super impressed!
This is fantastic.  I knew just by holding them next to the older brass ones i used when i was changing them out!
i have not used the springs yet, but i will get to that soon.
but wow, its a mucho difference.
 thank you again! and trust me i will pass the word around when i can. i appreciate all the help and communication"
thanks again,
 "IMO a C******m steel block offers a noticeable improvement over standard blocks (more sustain, volume and clarity) with one caveat... it can sound too bright in some Strats.
I used a C******m block in my partscaster for about a year, all the while trying to tame some excess brightness by experimenting with tone caps, different strings, picks, etc. I finally changed to a KGC brass block and immediately found the tonal spectrum of the guitar much more balanced, with a sweeter high end, more acoustic resonance and even more sustain than C******m's."
- PL
"Rick; I finally got around to changing out the old block on the Strat to your Brass block, and what a change it is. The clarity on the notes are so much better. The tuning is also greatly improved. what a great product you have, and you can look forward to more orders from me . I will be in touch. thanks for all your help."
Thanks much
- Jim Taylor in Marshfield WI
 "I could do them individually, but my review for both the Strat and Floyd blocks are pretty similar. As far as appearance, construction, aesthetics, etc. both look very nice, have a nice solid feel to them, and are well-made as far as I can tell by my short time with them. Putting the Killer block in one hand and the stock block (from either of my guitars) in the other, the difference was ridiculous. It felt like the stock blocks weren't even there. As far as installation goes, the only differences were inherent to the type of bridge being used. The vintage strat block was a quick and easy change. The floyd block was an overwhelming pain in the ass, but thats just because its a floyd. Nothing to do with the block itself. One tangible difference is that the Killer floyd blocks have spring retainer bars, an additional bar of brass that gets screwed over top the ends of your springs. I think thats a terrific idea. More mass, more contact. Can't hurt. Last thing to mention installation-wise is that both Killer blocks have dramatically deeper screws going through the bridge into the block. I'd say roughy double the stock block/screws. This is also a nice feature; more secure, more contact.

Once the blocks were on and the guitars were ready to play, I could definitely feel the difference. Unplugged, I definitely felt more vibration moving through the guitar, and you could hear the acoustic sound more loudly as well. Thats not to say it was fixed bridge resonance. It still felt and sounded like a trem-equipped guitar, just amped up. Plugged in, I anticipated that these new blocks would make the guitars sound thicker, fatter, heavier. You can definitely hear the difference, check the clips for example, but I don't feel that they became thicker. Instead, the new blocks made each guitar sound punchier, cleaner, more articulate and with more bell-like qualities. In stylistic terms, I lost some chugga-chugga and gained more pretty. The strat really benefits from this, as the stereotypical chimeyness of a strat is brought out even more. That bell-like ringing and clean articulation made my strat strattier.

After the block lotto is over, and if I come up empty handed, I'd definitely think about buying a block for my strat. I can really describe it no better than "making a strat strattier." For the floyd block, I feel like the benefits of the new block were definitely present and I think it sounded really good in person, but at least in recording I feel it sounded less-suited towards chugga chugga metal. Though those recordings are a mix, the Killer block would most likely stand out more. I wish I had thought of that earlier...damn. I'd also love to compare it through a real amp, but unfortunately due to time constraints I only got to play through a modeling practice amp and the recordings were all POD.

All in all I was very pleased with both blocks, and HUGE thank you to Killer Guitar Components!"
-ex250 (SD Forum)
"Ok, so after having received the Floyd block and having my way with it after the "honeymoon period" I've gotta say...I still feel the same as I did when I first installed it. I just couldn't (and still can't) believe my ears. I thought the change would be negligible at best but, it's not even close!
There really is a "Holy ****!" moment when you get your guitar set back up and strum that first chord then rip into that first riff! It just seemed like I turned my tone up, all of it (bass, mids, treble) quite simply. My tone seems more 3-D, if that makes sense(?) Volume is louder, my guitar has more presence, the difference in sustain alone is unbelievable!
In all honesty I figured it was all hype but, unless the placebo effect got me bad (and several others who have posted their experiences as well) then I guess is isn't just hype after all. I'm floored by how much better my guitar sounds. I'll definitely be purchasing several in the very near future.

Now the block itself is nicely finished and has nice attention to detail.  Another thing that I wanted to mention was that I didn't get to try the "spring retainer plate" although it seems like a "duh" idea after all of these years. I'm surprised it took somebody this long to think of it. Props to Rick on that one.

In closing - If your guitar is lacking sustain or you simply wanna (as corny as it sounds) turn your guitar up another notch - get yourself a big block and hear the difference. No bull**** here, folks.

Thanks Rick!
The block itself had a lot more mass than the stock American Standard block. Probably 1.5x. It's brass, no sharp edges, well machined. It installed very easily with no surprises.

I have my Stratocaster set up with 5 trem springs, and the claw cranked way down; essentially "hardtailing" it. I am unsure if this minimizes the effect of a high mass trem block or not.

Unplugged: The guitar felt more resonant and sounded oh-so-slightly louder. It sounded richer, a little more like a piano. Sustain was also oh-so-slightly increased. My Strat, the way I have it set up, has almost 0 sustain, so it was a welcome change, although it must be noted that the guitar still had essentially no sustain.

Amplified: Much bolder. Juicier. The guitar sounded like it had more energy. It was more pleasurable to play because it sounded better. It was easier to get the guitar to give up the goods with the KGC brass block. I still think "juicier" is the best I could describe it.

Breakdown: The changes I noticed in my Stratocaster were subtle, but observable. If you had a guitar that was good and you wanted to take it from good to great, this would be a great option, and probably the first thing I would recommend, after experiencing it. In the case of my guitar, it's not very good in the first place for some reason, so my guitar went more from "ug" to "OK" than "good to great."

  - ImmortalSix (SD Forum)
"Here's my review of the MIM Fender block. The guitar is a parts strat I built around 7-8 years ago. MIM Fender alder body, birdseye maple neck from USACG, Graphtec saddles, LSR roller nut, Sperzel tuners, DiMarzio Cruisers in the neck/middle and an AT-1 in the bridge. Andy Timmons much?

I've had a C******m block in this guitar from day one, so I'm very familiar with how it sounds at both home and live volumes. As you can see from the photos below, the two block are virtually identical dimensionally. The KGC block surprised me, I didn't expect such drastic differences compared to the C******m block I've dug so much over the years.

In short - when I swap the MIM body for a USA Fender or Warmoth in the near future, I'll be getting one of these brass blocks. The tone was noticeably smoother, thicker, and warmer in all positions - clean and overdriven. Since I'm obviously a fan of Timmons' tones, it should be no surprise I like fat warm tones.

I expected the brass block to provide more bite, clarity, and some "twang" on the high end. It didn't add any twang, but I can hear more of my pick attack and it seems to provide a bit more clarity with higher gain. I really like that it made the high end thicker sounding without turning the lows into a muffled mess. Overall I think it makes my strat more balanced sounding. This block is a winner in my book."
- A.J. McQuay
"As you could probably tell from my followup order of three more blocks, I’m EXTREMELY happy with them. Thanks for the great service throughout, and especially for considering my wacky request for a Ti/Brass hybrid.  I’ve been able to tune my equipment to my satisfaction with your brass blocks instead of the slightly more pronounced brightness/shimmer of Ti, and at this point, really don’t think Titanium has any advantages over your brass blocks in the guitars I’m using (maybe in a darker-sounding, all-mahogany or something guitar).   So, in short, thanks, but I prefer your brass blocks straight up, with no modifications".

 - Alan

Hi Rick,
"the block arrived at my home some days ago, in these days i've tried it in my Jackson SL-2 ... it's wonderful... it increases the bass notes in a great way , more definition, more attack, everything is improved with this has been very easy to install and it works so well... i hope your business will grow because you guys deserve it...see ya soon and rock on .... :)"
- Roberto



"great product, very satisfying. Loved the included directions. Thanks very much."

- David
"I got the bridge from the post office yesterday...
A beautiful piece of craftsmanship!
 The trem arm fits perfectly, with absolutely no wobble or flopping around. The cleverly placed tension screw was easily adjusted after I installed the bridge. Perfect trem action. The trem springs are also very nice. I use all five of them, though I only have 10-gauge Rotosound strings, but I like the sturdy fell from the five springs.
Now for the very good part. The tonal improvement is massive! My Strat has never felt so alive. Everything is so well balanced and clear. The bass strings are so well defined and the treble strings are smooth but also crystal clear in this nice glassy way. The sustain is absolutely awesome for a floating trem Strat.
Except for the looks, the stock Fender Deluxe bridge really sucks. The Wilkinson plays well and stays in tune, but your bridge just sounds otherworldly compared to the two. I've played it for some hours now, feeling that I got a new blessed guitar, and it also seems to stay in tune as well the Wilkinson.
Added bonus: I even get better action now! Much better, in fact. The string height is now set to Fender factory specs, which I have never been able to achieve before, without sacrificing tone and having lots of annoying string rattle. I guess that has something to do with the character of the vibration returned to the strings from the trem block and trem springs.
Rick, thank you for this awesome bridge. Love it. I now have the coolest Strat in town. The only problem is that after this bridge upgrade I can't possibly find new ways to upgrade it."




"When I initially put the block on, my Strat  was having some grounding and fret buzz issues.  Once these were solved it gave me a better idea as to how the brass was compared to the steel.   While I think a good steel block has its place, the brass offers another dimension to my sound, especially for recording. It really stands out   when playing chords, double stops and partials. With the added sustain and greater note "clarity", playing single note lines with a open string   pedal tone sounded really rich and focused."





OK, Saturday, I finally had to opportunity to install the brass block I recently purchased, SN: KGC M 366, into my 57 clone(d) strat, and used it yesterday for the first time with the band. Wow!! The first things that come to mind are improved note clarity, and sustain!!!.
A bit about the guitar: this was an idea i started formulating 10 years or so ago, when I owned and operated a vintage guitar and amp store in Des Moines, Iowa, and having the opportunity to own, repair, play, and in general check out and enjoy numerous vintage guitars. As you know, not all are tone monsters, some are actually quite awful.
Anyway, while building some "custom" guitars for various customers, along the way I ended up with a classic 2-tone burst alder Strat body from Warmoth or Stew-mac (can't remember which), and scored an Elliott Mechanic V shaped "57" neck. These kind of sat in project status, and over the years, I picked up all premium componenets to use in building this for myself. I used staggered height slotted shaft tuners, a combination of Linday Fralin and Seymour Duncan single coils, a a copper p/g shield with full cavity shielding, and central grounding point with cap isolation from amp ground, treble bleed kit (Kinman style), and initially an 80's era NOS Fender bridge with Fender brass block, straploks, special pots, etc..
So, over the last 2 months I put it all together, with some tweaking and a pickup change on the middle pickup, and I really liked the results, but the neck is a narrower neck than typical Fender, so I had to go with a narrower string spacing bridge, and I picked up a Highway 1 bridge, and this fit the bill. But, the tone was NOT the same. So I started researching finding a better sustain block, looked at Bill Callahams offering(s), but I ran across your site, and remembering the tone I had, and thinking this was more the direction I wished to go, purchased the block from KGC after reading about your thinking and research into using the specific bell brass alloy.
Bottom line, I am very happy with it, and it completed the "five seven" as I call it, to the point, that it immediately replaced a Strat I've owned since '94 (with its own set of changes/upgrades) as "1-B" along with my Olympic white tortoise shell guard early 60's "1-A" Strat. I have already "preached the gospel" so to speak, of the benefits of adding your brass sustain block to my guitar to several of my guitar playing friends, and will do so Tuesday night and Thursday at the local jams. To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical, but not anymore.
Thanx for a great product!


"Sandy, I just fitted the brass trem block I ordered last week...



It certainly is a substantial piece of brass but what I can't get over is the overall improvement in tone and clarity with deep lows and sweet highs. Certainly worth every penny(dollar!). I'm considering fitting a brass trem' claw as well so that everything in the cavity is matching. Thankyou very much, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Regards, Paul"



"I purchased a vintage style "Mega Mass" brass tremolo block from these guys:

I was, and still am, absolutely floored by the difference it made to the sound of my self assembled strat. It is right up there with a new set of pickups or a new neck.
I started out with a Callaham vintage tremolo unit and just swapped out the block. I had to order a new tremolo arm with the vintage thread and while I was waiting I got used to having the guitar stay in tune for a change when I do elaborate bending (tele-style!). After installing the tremolo arm, which stays in place just like the manufacturer says it would, I decided that I preferred tuning stability over the ability to do detune maneuvers with the tremolo. So now it has five springs screwed in tight and the bridge plate doesn't move.
The improvement in tone is exactly as KGC describe, richer sound, better note separation, clear crisp clean treble and way improved touch sensitivity. Before, with the old set-up, I had to strike the string fairly strongly to get a decent sounding note. (Many people on this forum have commented that strats like to be hit hard or 'bashed'). Now with a very light touch the notes just jump out of the guitar/amp and as I increase the pick attack the notes get brighter without the uncontrollable ice-pick effect coming into play.
I would highly recommend this upgrade, especially of you find that you have to work too hard to get the notes of your strat to ring out. As the guys say, there is a good reason that bells are made from brass!
BTW I am not affiliated with KGC and I do not get any benefit from sales of this product."
"Your blocks are so far beyond the other ones out there in quality, size and sound.... Yes, it is very noticeable even when not plugged in....  Are the OFR's from Germany made with sintered brass blocks?   I also noticed that the polished out coloration is different from the other half inch blocks out there (with both bottoms polished)....  your bell brass is incredible sounding....
You'll find I've paypaled you for another...
Thanks and hope things are going well for you..."

- Thom
    "I just wanted to say your brass block is truly exceptional, the best I have tried yet, better than call****s cold steel, better than D****ple/K** Titanium, and light years ahead of standard fender issues. It's definately a big part of the tone I was looking for!!! You really should try to send a block or two to tonequest report magazine for a review, the exposure/press would boost your sales and get it out in front of more potential buyers/tonehounds/OCD guitar nuts. God bless and great work. OVER AND OUT"




"Hello everyone. Im a guitarist from Germany and what i have to say : Rick and Sandy are really cool guys and they do killer parts, that make your guitar definetly sound better - ill tell you why :

I ordered a tremblock for my Wilkinson VS 100 and also the Raw Vintage Springs.
My guitar is a custom made strat-like thing with an Ash body ( which is not my favorite wood - its Mahogany ).
I always wanted to thicken up the sound and get more mids and more bass and more sustain and to get rid of the harshness in the treble.
I installed the KGC block and : it was all there.
Everything they say about those brass blocks is true. Im not one of those guys looking for EVERY new product on the market - i just want my guitar to sound good, plug n PLAY.
It really sounds different now and allthough i think its a silly thing to do i give you a number : id say its about 30% better sounding now ( wow - this is a lot ).
I would also recommand that Raw Vintage Springs. They are slightly bigger in diameter compared to other springs and they make your guitar feel SMOOTH. If you got problems with a stiff guitar and also tried a neck shim - try these ones.

One word about the support of Rick n Sandy :
This is definetly more than you can ask for. There has been a mixup with my order and wrote an email. I asure you : these nice people wont stop, till your completely satisfied. Everything went ok.

KGC is an awesome young company and they do awesome killer parts for your guitar.
If you dont try their products, your missing the best part, trust me.
Greetings to all from Germany."


"Greetings. I picked up a 2009 American Standard Strat in a trade recently, it was OK but it didn't play anything like my '78 with a blocked tremolo. Too bright and kind of plunky unless I jacked the action up high. A set of active pickups helped a lot but the brass tremolo block made almost as big a difference. Smoother, more sustain and a clearer, more focused tone overall. I was pretty skeptical about $80 for a chunk of brass but this thing really delivers. Thanks."

- MM Reno, NV


"Hi Rick, Peter here. Well, I got the block and the raw vintage springs installed in my guitar. I did my first gig with it tonight and it was awesome. The guitar just had so much sustain and harmonic richness. It was a good guitar before, now it's a great guitar. I'll never look back now. I finally feel like I have the tools to do the job properly. All that's left now is to play and get better. Thanks for your great products and like you said it certainly was worth the wait. Cheers and all the best"

- Peter

"I received my block yesterday and have my guitar all set up, i can hear a big difference in tone which I'm very happy with and can't wait to get into the studio. I think it sounds better than my friends £2000 Les Paul. I think he's a bit jealous ha-ha! lol"
thanks again! - Kris
"I installed my KGC VS100 trem block in my strat just over a week now and I its really fantastic. Right away my sound was fuller, smoother in the sense the harsh shrill high tones were gone. It really got thicker and meatier and very toneful.  What really floored me was how my single note runs really stood out now on the higher strings whereas before thin and weak in comparison to the lower string runs. For me and my setup (kinman pups & handwire 5e3 amp),  it was akin to adding compressor between my strat and amp to equalize the volume and tone.
Also the workmanship is simply incredible, I keep the spring cover off just so I can look at it."

- Dan






"I recieved my trem block about 3 weeks ago and finally installed it in my strat. I just wanted you to know my guitar now sounds awesome.  Not only when its plugged in but also unplugged."   Thanks Again



- Erick

"I want to let you know how good your brass sounds compared to others...always had a biting twang to it that I couldn’t get rid of.  I tried different pickups, 250k pots...everything kind of helped a little but it wasn’t until I placed YOUR brass block in there that it sounded right...I have no idea what’s different about your material, but man what a great difference!"

- Craig




"Hey Sandy - got the block...beautiful! Skillfully crafted? TOO DAMN RIGHT! LOVE IT!"





 "...after changing to a fresh set of strings and taking the time to really put the new block through its paces, I have to say, the new improved tone is (as the name suggests) KILLER!  My Strat rings like a bell and chimes like a grand piano! Sustain is noticably improved and there's just a harmonic richness and clarity that sets my Strat apart from most Strats I've heard. So there ya go, just wanted to let you know. Thanks!"

- Matthew


 "I have installed your blocks in 2 of my guitars and they sound AWESOME. They make the guitar come alive and the tone and sustain is fantastic. I will be ordering another couple."

- Wayne


"Well,let me just say [like I said before] I was surprised that there was more of a substantial block than I thought [7.6 ounces of whatever metal that is]originally in my '88 Amer. Std. 'Strat . However,the K.G.C. Mega-mass brass block,at 11.6 ounces Kicks butt over the factory-installed model. It inspired me to revisit my guitar's entire setup process, but once done,it sounds better than it ever did before,melodic and sweet everywhere on the neck,stem-to-stern.And,yes,the added sustain is easily noticeable.But now I fear that a note sustained for more than four hours may necessitate a trip to the guitar doctor,but we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get there!
   Meanwhile,It sounds awesome through my newly-refurbished and tweaked '65 blackface Pro Reverb .Thanks for a great product."

 - John



"...gigged my Suhr Strat this weekend with the new block...AWESOME !  There is a depth to the tone that was lacking before and the string anchoring at the base also helped my new strings settle in much quicker."
 - Mark


"Hi Rick
I got my brass trem block today, it looks great, I will take some pics as I get it installed and post my thoughts on your site.
I'm sure it will be a great improvement, I think I'll leave my trem cover off so I can look at it and show it off."
- Mike


"All I can say is WOW! This thing is soooo awesome. I received it today and installed it in my Strat and it improved the sound so much that it is staggering. It truly acts like an active eq would. The old steel block and bent steel saddles enhanced the mid and upper mid frequencies and when used with a humbucker it was just not good. With the Gotoh 510 tremolo and the KGC brass block the tone is absolutely perfect. Exactly what I was looking for and much better than I expected."

- Sean